Charity No. 303057

Canons Hall, 1 - 17 Wemborough Road, Stanmore, Middx. HA7 2DU







           Beer delivered, Gardens and all outside area's painted, cut and trimmed, inside deep cleaned, staff ready to go.

Bar opening

Friday 16th April  7.30pm - 11.30pm

Saturday 17th April  3pm - 11.30pm

Sunday 18th April  1pm - 6.30pm


   Going forward we will only open weekends at the moment, times will depend on footfall etc we will let you know.

All social distance measures will be observed.

We have less indoor space.

Members only (temp members permitted with 7 days notice)

Membership is now due.

We have to assist with government track and trace we will be asking you all for contact details on arrival no details no entry.

Car park will remain closed so all entry and exit via front door.

     Full list of measures will be posted here for you to read and digest before opening and when you come in.

We will be so glad to see you all again, let’s have a responsible laugh - Stay safe.




Friendly relaxed atmosphere & cheaper than pub prices make it a perfect place to spend a evening.

Large enclosed garden and adjoining family room to keep the kids safe as well as a lovely patio,

BBQ & sheltered smoking area to enjoy a drink during those warmer evening.

Also for your entertainment.

Race Nights, Bingo, Live Music, Discos, Quiz Nights & Darts.

Large 52 inch LCD TV to watch the match.

Please pop in to find out more.

Can also be hired outside normal opening hours for post funeral gatherings, party's etc.




Playing in the Harrow darts league both summer and winter league

pop in to find out more.


Pop in and see Barney for more information.




Last updated 19.05.21



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